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Okapi services/user types
Okapi offers three different basic service for customers: Okapi Regular, Okapi Premium and VISA user.
Okapi Regular
Okapi services for Regular Customers:
Pay bills and fees
Send money
Receiving money transfer funds from both domestic and International transactions.
Okapi Regular Customers

Okapi Regular are customers who needs to visit an Okapi authorized agent in order to make their transactions. Okapi Regular customers can pay only in cash for the Okapi services.
Okapi premium
Okapi services for Premium Customers:
Pay bills and fees
Send money
Receiving money locally
Receiving money internationally
Receiving salary
Receiving a pension, and social support payments
Pay with Easy Pay to Shop, Restaurants or other businesses
Okapi account to VISA card transactions
Deposit and withdrawal from Okapi accounts.
Okapi Premium Customers

Okapi Premium Customers hold an Okapi account from which customers can manage their finances and transactions. Okapi premium customers can make transactions, except cash handling directly from a smartphone using the Okapi app or via Okapi website on a computer or other internet-connected device. Okapi premium can also choose to make their transactions at an Okapi Authorized Agent and pay with cash or with their Okapi account.
Visa User
Okapi services for VISA Customers:
VISA card to card transactions
VISA card to Okapi account transactions
VISA card to Okapi Regular transactions
Okapi VISA customer

Okapi VISA customer is any person holding a VISA card and who has registered as Okapi VISA customer.
  • Easy to bank on
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to register
Okapi Easy to use
Collect your salary, pension and payments.
Pay all your bills and fees in under three minutes.
Send money (money transfer) to anyone you want. It can all be done right from your home, on Okapi app or web
Okapi user types
Regular customer
All transaction services executed at Okapi Authorized Agent.
premium customer
All Okapi services can be accesed via your smartphone, tablet or computer plus at Okapi Authorized Agent.
Visa user
All holder of a VISA card can send money to any VISA card local and international.